Monday, 29 June 2009

Wierd and Wonderful World of Elf 'n' Safety

Over the weekend Mrs C treated me to a day out at Thorpe Park. No that baby cox is now with us we have found that we have to be more regimented when planning a day out with extra bottles, nappies etc.

Over the past couple of months we have noticed how difficult it is to get a bottle warmed whilst me and Mrs C are out and about.

In the past week we have heard of a school that made pupils wear protective goggles whilst they used the dangerous and harmful substance blu-tac.
We now have fireman who can't go into fires and policemen who can't chase criminals all thanks to elf n safety.

But the policy of Thorpe Park is the most perculiar of the lot. We tried to get a cup of hot water from one of their food kiosks but were told that they were not allowed to give out hot water even though they sold tea and coffee.

I asked if they could take the bottle and warm it for us wilst we watched but was politely told they were not allowed to day that either.

The young lad who was only doing his job and following company procedure told us that all bottles that have to be warmed up have to be taken to the medial centre because if a nurse burns herself they have the first aid equipment there to treat themselves.

Thorpe Park boasts that it is a family attraction but surely they should be trying to make it as easy as possible for families not put them off from going!

Does Commie Anne Want Travellers In East Beach?

I noticed a rather bizzare news item on Comrade Anne and her gangs website implying that she might support travellers sites in Shoebury.

Even more perculiar is that she also recommends that Southend Council should put skips in Gunners Park for the illegial site that is currently occupying Gunners Park.

I posted last week that this website looks very familar to the Shoebury Conservatives website and Comrade Anne has even taken the picture which was used to feature our own news item.

It seems that Opposition parties have form regarding controversial statements on travellers. Last year a Labour councillor in Southend thought it would be a sound policy to have all the town's parks as traveller sites.

You may recall that Comrade Anne was a failed Labour Party candidate in Shoeburyness ward on many occasions. That hopeless, that during the hight of Labour's popularity, Comrade Anne was elected as a councillor but had to stand down as she was employed as a teacher by the council.

So much for Education, Education, Education hey Anne!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Sun, Sea and....Cycling

I was fortunate to be able to watch the Tour Series Cycle Race yesterday evening. As the sun shone there was no better backdrop for a professional cycle race than the sea and the cliffs.

Earlier on, I took part in the one lap councillor's race to kick off the afternoon/evening events. I am pleased to inform that council leader Nigel Holdcroft was the winner with Cllr Jonathon Garston second. Poor Jon looked a little worse for wear after his exersions but was a worthy runner-up.

Lib Dem Cllr Ric Morgan was third quite appropriate for a Lib Dem I think (only kidding Ric). I came in a respectable fourth!

Congratulations though go to Olympian Rob Hayles who won the professional race. It was incredible to watch the riders who made cycling look all so easy.

The King Is Dead - Long Live The King

Waking up to the news that Michael Jackson had passed away there was blanket playing of Michael Jackson songs on every radio station on my way to work.

Me and Mrs Cox had tickets for one of his concerts in August and was really looking forward to seeing him in concert again as I last saw him in his Dangerous tour when I was a little wipper snapper.

Of all the tributes that I heard this morning there was one that I particularly remember from a lady from Southend. She said:
"Michael was kknown as the Peter Pan of pop and how ironic that he will now nevergrow old"

For all the wall to wall coverage that there has been I think this sumed it up pretty well.

Comrade Anne's East Beach La La Land

In the Southend Evening Echo yesterday Comrade Anne Chalk, The Independent Party canddiate for Shoeburyness Ward in the 2010 local elections got her sidekick husband Comrade Bernard to write a readers letter questioning the validity of the poll on East beach which featured on

Intrestingly, earlier this month Anne and her gang were almost orgasmic in delight that the Shoebury Conservatives website was showing a majority no vote. The poll which lasted for a month showed over 65% of those who responded were in favour of the proposed improvements.

Meanwhile today I received a poorly produced scraggy looking leaflet from Comrade Anne advertising her new website it me but it looks extremely familar to the Shoebury Conservatives website? I suppose copying is the best form of flattery! Strangely, when I went to vote it wouldn't allow me. Did any other residents have this problem?

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Welcome to my blog

We are almost a year away from the next local council elections and a possible general Election. In the run up to the local elections this blog has three purposes:

1. To offer West Shoebury residents a viewpoint from the centre-right

2. Promote Conservatism and David Cameron in West Shoebury

3. Keep me out of trouble

We all know that blogs can be dangerous - especially for politicos like myself. And I know that they'll be people from rival parties watching every word I type. You are more than welcome to post comments - supportive or not. But please try to use your own name and refrain from personal abuse.