Monday, 29 June 2009

Does Commie Anne Want Travellers In East Beach?

I noticed a rather bizzare news item on Comrade Anne and her gangs website implying that she might support travellers sites in Shoebury.

Even more perculiar is that she also recommends that Southend Council should put skips in Gunners Park for the illegial site that is currently occupying Gunners Park.

I posted last week that this website looks very familar to the Shoebury Conservatives website and Comrade Anne has even taken the picture which was used to feature our own news item.

It seems that Opposition parties have form regarding controversial statements on travellers. Last year a Labour councillor in Southend thought it would be a sound policy to have all the town's parks as traveller sites.

You may recall that Comrade Anne was a failed Labour Party candidate in Shoeburyness ward on many occasions. That hopeless, that during the hight of Labour's popularity, Comrade Anne was elected as a councillor but had to stand down as she was employed as a teacher by the council.

So much for Education, Education, Education hey Anne!

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