Monday, 29 June 2009

Wierd and Wonderful World of Elf 'n' Safety

Over the weekend Mrs C treated me to a day out at Thorpe Park. No that baby cox is now with us we have found that we have to be more regimented when planning a day out with extra bottles, nappies etc.

Over the past couple of months we have noticed how difficult it is to get a bottle warmed whilst me and Mrs C are out and about.

In the past week we have heard of a school that made pupils wear protective goggles whilst they used the dangerous and harmful substance blu-tac.
We now have fireman who can't go into fires and policemen who can't chase criminals all thanks to elf n safety.

But the policy of Thorpe Park is the most perculiar of the lot. We tried to get a cup of hot water from one of their food kiosks but were told that they were not allowed to give out hot water even though they sold tea and coffee.

I asked if they could take the bottle and warm it for us wilst we watched but was politely told they were not allowed to day that either.

The young lad who was only doing his job and following company procedure told us that all bottles that have to be warmed up have to be taken to the medial centre because if a nurse burns herself they have the first aid equipment there to treat themselves.

Thorpe Park boasts that it is a family attraction but surely they should be trying to make it as easy as possible for families not put them off from going!

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