Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The NHS at 60

In it's 60th year the NHS probably hasn't been debated quite like it has over the past week. Dan Hanan a Conservative MEP caused a storm recently by saying on American TV that he wouldn't inflict the NHS on anyone.

In the political silly season there have been over 12,000 tweets on the welovethenhs page. It is being described as a huge internet political campaign. I question this as over 66,000 people have signed an online petition calling on Gordon Brown to resign and over 3.5 million people have viewed Dan Hanan making mince meat out of Gordon Brown in the European Parliament.

My own view is that NHS as an institution needs to retained but it is urgent need of reform. I mean should it be the world's third biggest employer behind the Chinese Red Army and the Indian State Railway?

Both Gordon and Sarah Brown have tweeted welovethenhs yet Gordon Brown had over a £1,000 of private work done on his teeth. One word springs to mind - Hypocrite!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Comrade Anne 'A loose Cannon'

Earlier this week I received a copy of a damming Independent Party document written by Indy Party Cllr Mike Assenheim who represents Shoeburyness Ward.

I have thought for a little while now that the Independent Party's coalition of mainstream political party drop-out's bound by no ideological beliefs was fragile, but here in Shoeburyness the Indies seem to be imploding by the day.

In the last two months we have witnessed Cllr Assesheim's for it, might be for it, against it and now like a mixture of both scheme's view on the East Beach improvements, Commie Anne's skips and perminant travellers pitches on Gunner's Park, the Labour Party website's sudo Independent Party's list is endless.

The document sent to me in good faith claims that Cllr Assenheim believes Commie Anne only is interested in Shoebury Village and not the rest of the ward, calls her a loose cannon, claims that she has been a disaster in the past for Shoeburyness and also claimes that they have had to get Commie Anne to sign a document saying that she won't cross the floor and join her Labour colleagues should she be elected.

Now and then all politicians get in their posession a daming document from a rival but this is really dynamite!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Election Candidates

It is normally traditional for political parties to select local election candidates at the beginning of the year that the elections falls in.

Most of the political parties in Southend will be sounding out their members now for formal selection meetings to commence in early 2010.

The two Shoebury wards have already gone through this process to ensure that candidates are now just foisted upon residents just for election time.

I am pleased that West Shoebury ward committee have re-selected me as the Conservative candidate for West Shoebury ward for the 2010 local elections but I would also like to congratulate Roger Hadley who has also been re-selected as the candidate for Shoeburyness ward where he will be facing Comrade Anne Chalk from the Independent Party.

Rattled By 'Labour Link'

Earlier this morning my In Box contained a rather worried and snooty email (pictured above) from one of the East Beach gang Louise Wilcox.

You may remember that in a previous post that I mentioned an election leaflet from Comrade Anne Chalk came through the door which for the first time also included Louise Wilcox name and address and promoted the website.

Following the mystery around the website which has links to Southend Labour Party it seems that Ms Wilcox doesn't wish to be alligned to the Labour Party.

This is perfectly understandable as Labour lurch from one crisis to another and continue to trail in the polls. Well Lousie all you have do if people are not to question your alledged affiliation to Labour or the Independent Party for that matter is to withdraw your name and contact details from future Independent Party election literature and denounce the sudo Labour Party website which Comrade Anne uses your name on otherwise these allegations will gather pace.

What Louise will not tell residents however is the underhand ways that she and the East Beach gang operate - including trawling through hardworking Conservative Shoebury councillors declarations of interest to find loopholes to try and get them removed as councillors. Louise you will have to get out of bed half an hour earlier to try and catch me out love.

When Ms Wilcox name appears on political websites and literature then she will continue to be treated as a political opponent by me. When I first started this blog I was fully aware that it would be read by my political opponents. And no Louise I will not bow to your interfearing, controlling and meddling New Labour tendancies by seeking your approval as to what I should publish on my blog. If you wish to play politics then people have the right to play politics back.