Friday, 26 February 2010

It runs in the Family

Anything my wife can do I can do better was Cllr Assenheim's outlook this week. Not content with his wife getting in a spot of bother with the email system Mike also had to get in on the act as well.

On Tuesday was the NAP meeting with Police and local residents which Mike normally attends. On this particular evening Cllr Assenheim and Walter Mitty Comrade Chalk had given their apologies.

Whilst doing some work for a resident I noticed that the Independent Party had their party meeting also at 19:30 that evening. Putting two and two together I posted on my twitter site that Mike and Walter had decided to put their party before the residents.

Upon returning home a rather snooty email from Cllr Assenheim appeared in my inbox confirming this to be the case asking if I had nothing better to do. Well no I don't actually. I will always find time to expose the Independent Party, Cllr Assenheim and Walter Mitty Comrade Chalk - my favourite bunch of hypocrites.

If the electorate don't agree with you...just insult them?

This past week has been busy as I finish off delivering my latest newsletter in West Shoebury. Whilst on the subject of leaflets, Evelyn Assenheim my Independent Party opponent has got herself in a spot of bother when a West Shoebury resident questioned poor Evelyn on her latest Independent Views.

In a leaked chain of emails from a furious resident, Evelyn Assenheim described the residents of West Shoebury as 'cranks' as the resident pressed her on what she is going to do for the residents of West Shoebury.

In a further exchange, policy lite Evelyn then admits that no one single person can get anything done leaving the puzzled resident asking why she is standing as an Independent?

Trying to wriggle out of the deep hole she has no dug for herself, Evelyn suggests to the resident that they should meet up. A good idea you may think, but Evelyn said she was only willing to do this if the resident brought along a chaperone and appropriate ID!

Not lying down, the resident then emails party leader Cllr Martin Terry showing disgust. Incredibley Cllr Terry ignores the residents pleas and goes onto ignore the allegations and tells the resident what an excellent candidate Mrs Assenheim would be?

The Independent Party just don't get party political campaigningl

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

That Piers 'Moron' Morgan interview

After a busy weekend camapigning, bleary eyed, I stayed up to watch the Gordon 'is an alright bloke' interview.

Full credit to Big Bad Al Campbell for his coaching in the lead up to the interview because at least he was laughing and grinning in the right places this time.

Many commentators wonder if this interview has swung momentum back to Brown. If the figures released are to be believed then it has to be a rousanding no. The graph below suggests that out of all the guests on Morgan's show only Boris Becker attracted less viewers:

There were some parts of the interview that made uncomfortable viewing. It reminded me of when David Cameron appeared on the Johnathon Ross show. For me, leaders of political parties should not be doing these type of stunt interviews.

What it didn't do however was dispel the rumour that Brown is bonkers. 'Moron' Morgan asked the question what is the strangest gift you have received as PM? Brown's response was a roasted pig from a Middle Eastern country. As most of the middle east countries have Islamic faith a roasted pig would be seen as an insult and I doubt that Israel gave this as a gift.

It is also interesting to note that upon checking the items declared to the UK as gifts there is nothing mentioned about a roasted pig.

One thing that can be guaranteed is that given the choice beetween telling a porkie and the truth we all know what Gordon will choose...and pigs might fly!


Many councillors and MP's have realised the campaigning value of using social networking sites like facebook and twitter and having informative uptodate blogs.

I have found myself that many residents have found me via these routes than the traditional leaflet on the doormat.

Whilst these sites are important campaigning tools caution must be exercised in the language used. It seems this week we could actually see the first ministerial casualty of twitter as Labour whip David Wright tweeted that Conservatives are scum-sucking pigs.

To put David Wright's claim that his account was tinkered with beyond doubt you only need to look at the FAQ section on the twitter help pages:

Can I edit a tweet once I post it?
Nope. Once it is there you can't edit it.
You can delete an update by clicking
the trash icon on the right end of the
update, but you can't make changes.

Had David Wright just apologised this would have all blown over yet however he has tried to lie through his back teeth instead.

Because of his porkies, Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles has written to David Wright accusing him of breaking the ministerial code.

What a twat or is it a tweet?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Independent Party around town

Today, I was given a copy of the latest newsletter from the Independent Party candidate for Belfairs ward.

It has probably got to be one of the most unpleasant leaflets that I have seen in a long time making the leaflets from Mr & Mrs Assenheim and Walter Mitty Comrade Ann Chalk in Shoeburyness look mild.

The leaflet from Garry Sheen implies that current Conservative Cllr Fay Evans 'bottled it' over the vote to extend the runway at Southend Airport.

Intrestingly, Mr Sheen says he not anti-airport, the classic Lib Dem trick of trying to be all things to all men, but doesn't state how he would have voted.

The leaflet implies he would have voted against the runway extension but it is interesting to note that both Independent Party councillors Mike Assenheim and Ron Woodley both voted for the extension which was also missing from his shameful piece.

Since analysing all of the Independent Party literature since the beginning of the year some interesting themes are beginning to emerge:

1. They have only three policies:
  • To answer all emails within 24 hours and letters within 7 days
  • To be an accessable councillor
  • Personally deliver pink and white sacks to the elderly and disabled

That is it! No mention what they will do in their wards or what visio they have for the town.

2. They always try and claim credit for other councillors work or dismiss their achievements

3. They are very negative and personal against their opponents.

In fact here in Southend there is pretty much no underhand tactic the Independent Party will not use. They lie, cheat, decieve and use unpleasant smear campaigns.

As we start to analyse and unpick the Independent Party they are a complete mystery. They are a vacuum round a void inside a hole. No one can describe a distinctive feature of the Independent Party they have just become a receptacle for dustbin votes.

A week is a long time in politics

It has not been the best of starts to the week as we all said our goodbyes to Ann Robertson at her funeral on Monday.

Ann and her husband Ian were the first two people to welcome me into the local Conservative party and were also guests of me and Mrs C wedding nearly two years ago. I also had the pleasure of serving as Vice Chairman to Ann on the Children & Lifelong Learning scrutiny committee for the past two years.

I recall getting a nice congratulations card from Ann when I was elected in 2006 which I still have with all the press clippings from that election.

I have decided that this election campaign in West Shoebury will be in honour of Ann Robertson. As difficult as it has been to motivate myself since Monday the show still has to go on. This week, I have been delivering the latest newsletter and campaigning for better Street Lighting in Delaware Crescent and Bunters Avenue which was very positive.

There were a couple of issues which came out of the exercise which I am currently dealing with to the delight of residents.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Comrade Anne Back for Revenge

Comrade Anne has been a little quiet recently which led me to believe that she may have turned the other cheek.

Sadly not. It seems that our favourite Comrade has had a few Walter Mitty moments in recent weeks in her attempts to dig the dirt.

Not content with falsely reporting the reasons why I thought the Lib Dems should have been prevented from voting on the Airport runway extension planning application and her relapse into thinking she was a West Shoebury councillor, her latest irrational outburst comes from the Essex Police crime figures.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been concerned for sometime with the rising crime stats for West Shoebury.

The latest police figures show that there is another 5.6% increase for the period October, November & December 2009 compared to the same period a year previously.
Yet Comrade Anne in one of her Walter Mitty moments suggests that I have falsified the figures.

Unbelieveably still, a quick check and Comrade Walter would have known that there is a perminant link to the police crime figures for both Shoeburyness and West Shoebury wards on the Shoebury Conservatives website.

There's Only One...Kieran Alleyne?

Today for you interested politicos was the date for the Shoebury Conservatives AGM. Normally each year I attend but this year it clashed with a Christmas present for Mrs C. It was also nice to take a little breather from the campaigning fo the local/national elections which has intensified.

The big Michael Jackson fans that we are I had booked a trip to see Thriller Live at the Lyric Theatre in London.

It was in essence a tribute act charting Michael Jackson's life in music but very cleverly done. The star of the show undoubtedly was Kieran Alleyne who played Michael Jackon in his Jackson 5 days. When he sung me and Mrs C got goose pimples all over our body - he is a star in the making and I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more of this name.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

On the verge of stopping

Cars parking on grass verges is something that really me as a councillor as it isn't an issue that can be easily be resolved.

Many of the grass verges in West Shoebury do not have yellow lines which means a PCN can not issued to the driver.

The police are also powerless to stop this unless in the unlikely event that they catch the vehicle actually driving onto the pavement.

The good news is that this little annoyance may soon be resolved. From the 1st April new legislation means that any parking on the grass verges with or without yellow lines will mean that vehicles will be issued with a PCN.

Delaware Road will be piloting the new legislation and if successful will be rolled out across the borough.