Friday, 9 April 2010

Shoebury Independent Party foot in mouth Part 2

It has been an election campaign to forget for the hapless Independent Party candidate in West Shoebury. Earlier in the campaign she admitted that no Independent can anything done on their own, called the residents of West Shoebury cranks and nutters and claimed she would only see residents with concerns if they provided Government forms of ID and a chaperone.

In her latest attempt to woo the residents she has gone down the lines of her party candidates in other wards by trying to run nasty smear campaigns against Conservative candidates.

Independent Lie 1 - I have never been a supporter of the PCT Health Centre in the Garrison as this would mean the loss of Shoebury House, The GP's in Shoebury Health Centre and Dee Jay's pharmacy. I believe we could get better primary care by modernising existing buildings and only a fraction of the cost to the taxpayer. Intrestingly, what Mrs Assenheim won't tell you is that back in 2008 she stood side by side with her husband campaigning aginst the closure of Shoebury House and the PCT proposals! Now is she in favour of the new Health Centre, when over 70% residents don't want it, local GP's don't want it and neither do Dee Jay Pharmacy.

Independent Lie 2 - Accuses me of destroying Gunners park when she wants to build a new Health Centre over it as well as leaving 5 buildings across Shoebury derelict.

Independent Lie 3 - Accuses Conservatives of bypassing planning laws when £350,000 was spent on improving the layout of East Beach which included segregating cars, providing picnic areas and childrens play equipment. Famously her husband supported the scheme and then clamed that the existing car park was better where boy racers wheelspined and children played in the same area. Mike Assenheim is Health & Safety Champion for the borough!

Independent Lie 3 - Mrs Assenheim implies that I do not stick up for swimmers in the town as Sports Champion because I support the closure of Warrior Square swiming pool. What she won't tell you is that I have supported a brand new swimming and diving facility at Garons Park which replaces Warriors Square as well as free swimming for the U16's and Over 65's.

Independent Lie 4 - I have been accused of not fighting against the demise of Southend Sports Council. Like me, Mrs Assenheim's husband sat on the Sports Council an independent body but funded through a grant allocation by SBC. Due to lack of interest by clubs across the town there were only two members. In an effort to keep the fledging organisation up and running a crisis meeting was established but Cllr Assenheim didn't bother to attend. As Sports Champion though, I have managed to ensure that the Southend Sports Personality Awards are retained as well as the small grants allocation to clubs and talented athletes.

With just under a month left to polling surely residents can not be subjected to much more crap, sleaze and slurs from the Independent Party in Shoeburyness.

Happy Birthday...but where has my baby gone?

On the 28th of this month it is hard to believe that Miss Cox will be one. It has been one of the best experiences of my life watching a little baby develop into a toddler.

For her birthday Mrs C is adament that she is going to bake a cake for little uns birthday party. Whilst it has been a little amusing watch my wife turn mumsey and little ribbing from me it seems Mrs C is determined to do the perfect cake.

Over the past few weeks I have had cake coming out of my ears as Mrs C tries her different recepies. Yes, my wife is no Delia, but, some of them have been rather tasty and am very proud that she has stuck to her guns.

The only problem is I am so sick of the sight of cake I do not want to be put of sponge cake on Miss Cox birthday. If anybody has a sweet tooth and loves sponge please give me a mail where a sponge made by Mrs C can be yours

The Runners & Riders for West Shoebury have been announced

It has been a while since I have had the chance to do a spot of blogging as the campaign has really intensified.

Over the Easter weekend, some 5,000 leaflets were delivered to residents of Shoebury. At noon yesterday the nominations closed and the candidates for West Shoebury are as follows:

Evelyn Assenheim - Independent Party
Mark Cohen - Liberal Democrats
Tony Cox - Conservative
Joyce Mapp - Labour
James Moyies - UKIP
Russell Spiller - BNP