Thursday, 30 September 2010

Blears: Labour Are The Nasty Party

On the daily politics show during the Labour Conference Andrew Neil questioned Hazel Blears regarding her remarks at a fringe meeting where she said that some of Labour's policies during the last Government were nasty.

Blears, live on air, had the bare faced cheek to say she was talking about the Conservative Party. The following day, a recording of the fringe meeting was passed to Neil who exposed it yesterday.

You can see the clip here

Unless I don't know something and Hazel Blears has joined the Conservative Party I would say she is a liar!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Red Ed's First Speech in full...

“Comrades, I am not Red Ed. I am a nice boy, the son of immigrants who escaped the Nazis. I might have had an unusual childhood growing up in a house full of passionate lefties, but my elder brother, David, is a good guy. But I am in charge now.

"In Government, Labour got a lot right: the minimum wage, the New Deal, better schools and hospitals, civil partnerships, devolution. But we also got a lot wrong and that is why we lost the election. We must not blame the electorate for not voting for us.

"So, without batting an eyelid, I am quite happy to trash much of Labour's record. The party was wrong on the Iraq war, bank regulation, mass immigration, civil liberties, and tuition fees. I will brush over the fact that I was part of the government that made these mistakes. I was a Gordon Brown protege, but he was wrong to claim that.

So, I will do things differently. I am the new generation even if I am a similar age to the prime minister. I will be a responsible leader. I will back the coalition on some issues: Ken Clarke's plans for shorter prison sentences, Theresa May's review of stop and search, and even Iain Duncan Smith's plans to reform welfare. I will speak for the mainstream majority. But I will shape the centre ground of politics, not occupy it.

"Oh, and by the way, I spent much of my campaign slagging off the Liberal Democrats but I will vote yes for AV, an elected Lords, stronger civil liberties, more freedom for local authorities and no more Iraq-style wars. Just in case we might need to work with Nick Clegg and he kind of likes these things too.

"I want to try to work out a credible policy on the economy. I want to cut the deficit. It is patriotic to do so. So, cutting the deficit by half over four years is a good starting point. But we must not cut at a pace and a scale that endangers the recovery. So that's a hint I will cut spending more slowly but I will not tell you today what that means in practice.

"I think Dave Cameroon is onto something with his "big society" riff so I will support this too. I too, you see, believe in the good society and community, the importance of post office, pub and family. But government must play a big role in shaping this, I mean, the state can itself be a "vested interest" and impede the good society. So I might not a "big state" man, whatever my critics say.

"Now, I might have won the leadership election on the back of union votes when I wasn’t the real winner (Get over it brother) but I want to tackle the idea that I am in their pocket. So, brothers, you must be responsible. There must be no irresponsible strikes in the face of cuts. That would alienate the public against us. I won't support irresponsible strikes. But don't worry, I haven't gone all Tory on you. I still support a living wage, I want to tax the banks and the country to the hilt but my answer to immigration is not a cap but less flexible labour markets and stronger workers' rights.

"So, look, I am the new kid on the block right, I am not like that bonkers awkward Scottish bloke who came before me. And I am an optimist. This is my new dividing line with the Tories. David Cameron is a miserable pessimist who believes that biggest issue facing the country is the deficit. I am an optimist who will cut spending but don’t know how. I am an optimist who can lead Labour's new, new left wing generation to second place at the next election.

"And yes, I am not Forrest Gump. I do not believe that life is like a box of chocolates..."

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Official: Comrade Anne is back!

Not content with getting another good kicking by the electorate once again in Shoeburyness in May, it seems that the failed Comrade Anne is making her upteenth attempt to get elected in Shoeburyness in the May 2011 local elections.

It appears that she still hasn't learn't her lesson of thinking that she can say what she likes without any scrutiny. Over at her shoeburynews website Comrade Anne is leading the campaign for the trees in Eagle Way to be pruned back.

Noble you may ask, but back in January when trees were hard pruned in North Shoebury Road, in the Yellow Advertiser she posed as a neighbouring West Shoebury councillor campaigning about the un-necessary chopping down of trees!

When will she ever learn?

No " AV....I wonder if Red Ed supports

Labour Mp Tom Harris on his blog displays this poster which is arguably the best rebuttal to the AV voting system that I have seen to date

Intrestingly though, there is no mention of the use of AV to elect Red ED as the Labour party leader. I wonder which way Red Ed will vote on 5th May?

Friday, 24 September 2010

Big Brother's Little Brother? You Decide

You can't help but feel that David Milliband is sat their today rueing the day that he diddn't stab Gordon in the back when he had the chance.

Suddenly the race to be the next Labour leader got interesting. The late-in-the-game switch to Ed as favourite has been aided in no small part by the fact it was left-wing Red Ken beating right-wing Blarite Oona for the Labour Mayoral Candidate - a miniature version of the national race.

This morning the Guardian is reporting that Jim Murphy, one of David Miliband’s two campaign managers, attended a meeting with members of the Ed Milband camp to map out how they would handle Saturday’s leadership result in the event of Red Ed winning.

Red Ken and Red Ed? Looks like Labour are going to bypass Hague and have their IDS moment in Opposition!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Labour Binges....Then Their Councillors Run Away

As one of their departing ministers accurately put it - there is no more money left. As the previous Government went on its spending binge nearly puuting the country into ruin it seems that all local councils the lenght and bredth of the country will be feeling the squeeze in the next round of local government funding.

We are approaching the stage where local authorities are starting to put their budgets together and Southend is no different.

Over the years opposition councillors very rarely get involved in the budget process, preferring to oppose budgets without offering any alternatives.

This year a number of member workshops have been planned for all councillors to have their input into having a good look at what the council does, should we still be doing it, can we do things in a different way and where can savings be made.

Sadly, but predictably, the Labour group have declined to participate but there dicision has been heavily criticised in the local press. As the party responsible for potentially savage cuts all around the country, they owe it to the residents of Southend to play their part in ensuring that any cuts are as painless as possible.

Instead they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and try to blame all the cuts on those nasty tories. Well this time it won't wash. Their decision has effectively left Victoria Ward without no representation a fact that I am sure will not be lost on May 5 2011.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Quiet Time During the Summer? Not in West Shoebury...

Whilst the summer recess may seem a quiet period for many councillors, work has been continuing in West Shoebury. Here is an update of some of the work that has been happening:

Shoebury Common

I attended an on-site meeting with the ward councillors to look at some of the issues regarding Shoebury Common Beach. Already, new flags have been placed by the entrance and further works are planned and will keep you posted.

Bench on Corner of Watson Close

Finally, I have been able to have this removed permanently which became a magnet for youths to congregate late at night. The bench is in storage whilst a more suitable location can be found.

Improved Street Lights

During my election campaign, I pressed the council for improved street lighting in some of the most poorly lit areas. Good news: New lighting and lamp posts have been installed in Waterloo Road

No Drinking Zone

This has now gone live in the 4 Rivers and surrounding areas on the 31st August. I am also pleased that this is a year round measure.

Turpins Tyres Site

A planning application for a smart block of flats have been agreed by the council’s planning department for this site. It is anticipated that work will start in the spring.

Street Surgery

The popular street surgery was back during the summer and was well attended by local residents. Further dates will be announced shortly.


The popular Shoebury News was delivered to over 4,000 homes informing residents of the latest news across Shoebury. We will also be launching our annual residents survey this Saturday.