Friday, 24 September 2010

Big Brother's Little Brother? You Decide

You can't help but feel that David Milliband is sat their today rueing the day that he diddn't stab Gordon in the back when he had the chance.

Suddenly the race to be the next Labour leader got interesting. The late-in-the-game switch to Ed as favourite has been aided in no small part by the fact it was left-wing Red Ken beating right-wing Blarite Oona for the Labour Mayoral Candidate - a miniature version of the national race.

This morning the Guardian is reporting that Jim Murphy, one of David Miliband’s two campaign managers, attended a meeting with members of the Ed Milband camp to map out how they would handle Saturday’s leadership result in the event of Red Ed winning.

Red Ken and Red Ed? Looks like Labour are going to bypass Hague and have their IDS moment in Opposition!

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Phil said...

I tried to resist smiling when reading this - and failed!