Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Quiet Time During the Summer? Not in West Shoebury...

Whilst the summer recess may seem a quiet period for many councillors, work has been continuing in West Shoebury. Here is an update of some of the work that has been happening:

Shoebury Common

I attended an on-site meeting with the ward councillors to look at some of the issues regarding Shoebury Common Beach. Already, new flags have been placed by the entrance and further works are planned and will keep you posted.

Bench on Corner of Watson Close

Finally, I have been able to have this removed permanently which became a magnet for youths to congregate late at night. The bench is in storage whilst a more suitable location can be found.

Improved Street Lights

During my election campaign, I pressed the council for improved street lighting in some of the most poorly lit areas. Good news: New lighting and lamp posts have been installed in Waterloo Road

No Drinking Zone

This has now gone live in the 4 Rivers and surrounding areas on the 31st August. I am also pleased that this is a year round measure.

Turpins Tyres Site

A planning application for a smart block of flats have been agreed by the council’s planning department for this site. It is anticipated that work will start in the spring.

Street Surgery

The popular street surgery was back during the summer and was well attended by local residents. Further dates will be announced shortly.


The popular Shoebury News was delivered to over 4,000 homes informing residents of the latest news across Shoebury. We will also be launching our annual residents survey this Saturday.

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