Monday, 11 October 2010

Anne Chalk Exposed...

You may recall yesterday that I exposed serial Shoeburyness Ward Independent Party Candidate Comrade Anne Chalk's nasyness in wanting homes in West Shoebury to be exposed to flooding and putting a badget sett at risk, it seems Comrade Chalk has gone to some lengths to hide this latest gaffe on her website.

As part of her news and views, this article appears on the front page:

Not content with this, the rolling ticker-tape latest news has this:

When you click onto the link it leads you to Comrade Chalk's readers letter from last week. What is clear is that Shoebury councillors have been kept regularly updated and can only assume that Cllr Assenheim is forwarding this information to Anne.

What also is interesting and need answering is does Cllr Assenheim also share these views. I ask as he is being associated with these views quite clearly by Anne Chalk on her website but interestingly he had this to say about the flood defence works in the Southend Echo on the 30th September.

Mike, it's time to publicly disassociate yourself with these comments or this could be another East Beach moment for you having been exposed as having more than one view on this issue.

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