Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Black Sacks Myths

Over the past week there have been a number inaccuracies in the budget coverage in the local media that as portfolio holder need correcting.

Firstly, residents currently receive deliveries of pink, black and white sacks twice a year and not four times a year as quoted. If the budget in its current form is agreed by full council, residents will receive one roll of black sacks twice a year – a reduction but not a cessation in service.

It was also stated that Southend lags behind the rest of Essex in its recycling rates. This is also inaccurate. Currently residents in Southend recycle approximately nearly 50% of its household waste and is on course to recycle 60% of its domestic waste by the end of our current contract with Cory.

It is this impressive performance by you, the residents, which has enabled us to reduce black sack provisions ensuring a cost saving. I will be making this point strongly at cabinet tomorrow

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