Wednesday, 26 January 2011

An Era Finishes

This week, I had to take the difficult decision to cease working at Tottenham Hotspur on matchdays after 16 seasons. I used to laugh when people said to me that you see more of your grandchildren than you do of your own kids when you become a father. How true were they.

Since Miss Cox some 21 months ago both my wife and I have had the pleasure seeing her grow into a fine little lady as we say.

Working full time and representing the West Shoebury take up much of my time and it was a New Years resolution of mine to make more time to spend with my family. Both Mrs and Miss Cox have been very supportive of my work and public duties and now it is my turn I feel to repay that faith so the football lost out.

It is not all sadness as I have made some wonderful friends during my time there but I am looking forward to the day when Miss Cox is old enough for Daddy to take her to see her first Spurs game. Now that makes me feel proud!

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