Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Educashion, Educahion, Educashion

Our favourite Commie Anne Chalk the Independent/UKIP candidate for neighbouring Shoeburyness Ward has given her website a timely makeover for the local elections shortly upon us. Reading her latest this morning, it seems as a former teacher that maths and checking over pupils work wasn't one of her strongest points.

For starters, there are nine cabinet members not ten and yes I was the latest addition to the cabinet last year, but the cabinet will be reduced by one after the elections bringing the size of the cabinet down to eight. Comrade Anne also suggests that Southend Council do not need a executive councillor for Public Protection & Waste (The portfolio I am executive councillor for).

Maybe Comrade Anne doesn't think that refuse collection, recycling, crime, CCTV, dog fouling and the taxi trade are not important to the town?

This is not the first time Comrade Anne has put her big size nines in it and followers of this blog will remember last year when she wanted permanent travellers pitches on Gunners Park with skips and toilet facilities for them to enjoy...ah bless.

Another sum that former teacher Comrade Chalk has difficulity with is that of interest repayments. It is common place for local authorities to have a level of borrowing. At present Southend Council has borrowing of £218 million. £11 million will be spent on interest repayments in this financial year.

Comrade Anne claims that borrowing is out of control with 16% of our council tax spent on interest repayments.

This is blatent scaremongering.

Southend Council this year will have an annual budget of £472 million. £69 million of the annual budget is raised through collection of council tax with the rest of the budget made up of central Government grant. With £11 million to be spent on interest repayments, this is less than 2% of the overall budget.

Intrestingly, the figure of 16% was calculated by an Independent Party/UKIP councillor in Thorpe ward who was a financial controller for a  business that went bust! Says it all really

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