Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Official: Lib Dems have no policies for Southend...says a Southend Lib Dem councillor

You may remember what Southend was like the last time the Lib Dems had a taste of power locally in a coalition with Labour.

Southend was in the doldrums and suffering from neglect. Remember the crumbling Palace Hotel at the top of Pier Hill, the Victoria Shopping Centre past its best and the ageing South East Essex Colleage building?

Compare that to the current Conserative administration. The Palace renovated, the new Essex University Campus with the planned new library, the regenerated Warrior Square Gardens, the St Johns Church gardens, Cuckoo Corner & Progress Road improvements, City Beach, The Victorias scheme. The list is endless.

Have the Lib Dems learn't their lession from 2000? Not so according to Southend Lib Dem councillor Ric Morgan. In an astonashing attack on the Southend Lib Dems in yesterday's Echo newspaper Cllr Morgan is quoted as saying:

"We are not putting forward clear alternative policies, neither us nor the Labour Party. We are not clear on the specifics of local government and what a Lib Dem council would do. That is a serious concern for me.

"There is no clear direction. It's a failure of the Lib Dem group".

Wow. Hard hitting stuff. Best of British to all Lib Dem candidates standing in Southend following this...


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