Tuesday, 12 April 2011

UKIP/Independents 2011 Election Pact

The local rag the Southend Echo, reported the electoral ‘pact’ between United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and the ‘Independents’ on Southend Council.

Not so ground breaking as I had previously exposed this grubby deal on my facebook and twitter pages over the weekend.

We know from previous experience that the Independent’s or not so Independent. They were formally Alliance Southend, signed Lib Dem nomination papers at last year’s General Election, formed a group on the council, have a leader who draws a leaders salary the list is endless.

What is interesting is that UKIP/Independents have so little support they think that they can say what they like, deliver nothing and don’t have a view on anything.

The local Southend UKIP branch leader is James Moyies who is the UKIP candidate for West Shoebury. It is also worth delving a little into his policies and views on all things Shoebury and Southend.

Firstly, in a deliberate attempt in this years local elections to conceal the UKIP brand to make them appear ‘Independent’. Gone from their literature is the UKIP logo, gone is their purple and yellow colours and replaced by standard ‘Independent’ white leaflets with lots and lots of claptrap.

Most people know the between United Kingdom Independence Party as good ole UKIP but in an attempt to dupe people Mr Moyies is calling himself UK Independence Party – note the emphasis on the word Independence.

I do wonder if Cllr Terry and his clan actually know what they are getting themselves into. On Mr Moyies twitter feed he calls residents ‘dimwits’, stupid boy, immature and ‘you strangely violated person’ to all those that disagree with him.

In his current election literature Mr Moyies claims that he has been working very closely with ‘Independent’ councillor Ron Woodley in Thorpe Ward. This is interesting as on the 24th April 2010, James Moyies posted on twitter:

“Independent Ron Woodley earlier this year "If I support a party candidate in the Election I will lose all credibility." He just lost it!” when Cllr Woodley signed the Lib Dems Rochford & Southend East parliamentary candidates nomination papers.

It’s also worth noting that I bumped into James outside the Co-Op in West Road three weeks ago and challenged him on UKIP’s pact with the Independents. He naturally denied it but claimed he would never work with Ron Woodley as he is the devil!

I will keep a close eye on their relationship leading up to the elections.

The article which appeared in yesterday’s Echo had a quote by Independents leader Cllr Martin Terry.

Cllr Terry claims that there was no official electoral pact. Does he really expect us to believe that? How then will Cllr Terry answer the fact that no UKIP or Independent are standing against each other if they were not talking. How will he answer that in a leaflet deliver by James Moyies two weeks ago claiming that if he or any UKIP candidate are elected then they will join the ‘Independents Group’.

Also how will Cllr Terry explain the tweet by James Moyies on the 5th January 2010 when he claimed:

“This General Election is the time to support a party you really believe in”

In the same quote Cllr Terry was also quoted saying “There is a lot of synergy between us and UKIP”

After reading this I thought I would do some digging and look at the UKIP policies. A google search led me to a Southend BNP activists blog Southend Patriot.

In this blog, the activist claims that UKIP are a ‘far right party’ along with the English Democrats, the BNP and National Front and compares policies. I wonder what synergy between UKIP and the Independents Cllr Terry refers to?

Finally it is worth looking at the latest UKIP literature that James Moyies is distributing.

In his latest leaflet he confirms he doesn’t know the authority he wishes to represent as he claims he is standing for ‘Southend Town Council’. Claims he has lived in West Shoebury ward for over 20 years when West Shoebury ward was only created in 2000 following a boundary commission review and that he is concerned about traffic in Shoebury and is campaigning for a by-pass.

Campaigning for a by-pass is commendable, but local Conservatives have been lobbying Central Government for years on this issue. It is also interesting to look closer at how concerned Mr Moyies is about traffic congestion in Southend.

Just last year in March 2010, Mr Moyies congratulating the Camp Cuckoo protesters on a ‘well made protest’ when he visited the illegal encampment protesting at the new Cuckoo Corner road improvements which have helped cut Shoebury residents journey times.

Residents thinking of voting UKIP/Independent on the 5th May should seriously think again.


James Moyies UKIP South Essex said...

Just saw this. Thanks Tony. Classic!! I knew I could rely on you to support me just as you support my policies and not the Conservatives!!!

Cllr Tony Cox said...

Hi James

I wouldn't take this blog post as ringing endorsement of your views. As a general rule of thumb any election literature which has the hallmarks of Ron Woodley's fingerprints on it I stick well clear of.

On a side note, maybe you can explain this to residents. I received my postal vote the other day. Can you explain why the UKIP logo has disappeared next to your name. Was this a mistake? Are you ashamed of UKIP? Or are you trying to decieve the voters into believing that you are one of the Independent Party gang.