Sunday, 10 April 2011

What the Government have done in the past year

It is almost one year since the Conservative led coalition Government was elected. It led me to pause for a moment to think about what the Government has achieved. Although not exhaustive, here is my list of the Government's achievements over the past year:

1. Corporation Tax - CUT
2. The Jobs Tax - AXED
3. Police Targets - SMASHED
4. Immigration - CONTROLLED
5. Personal Tax Allowances - RAISED
6. Home Information Packs - DROPPED
8. Quangos - CLOSING DOWN
9. £6 Billion in Government Spending - SAVED
10. Successive Budgets to balance the books in - 5 YEARS
11. For our pensioners - THE EARNINGS LINK RESTORED
12. For our Brave Armed Forces - OPERATIONAL ALLOWANCE DOUBLED

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