Sunday, 1 May 2011

The art of deceiving...

This week has been very exciting as Miss Cox turned two and all her friends joined her for a party at Thorpedene Community Centre yesterday.

Whilst an excitable Miss Cox has run me ragged I have also found time to help deliver our latest leaflet in West Shoebury.

On the subject of leaflets, I was handed a copy of our favourite Commie Anne Chalk’s leaflet, the former Labour now Independent/UKIP candidate in Shoeburyness ward.

The main theme of her latest propaganda, sorry, leaflet centres on the theme of dog fouling. According to Comrade Chalk I have slashed the budget for dog bins. Oh dear, more lies to the Shoeburyness electorate.

What Comrade Chalk fails to mention is that I have personally given the authorisation for three new dog bins in Shoeburyness Ward, one in Ravensdale Way, one in Collingwood Way and another in Wakering Road which is currently on order.

Recently, local Conservatives surveyed the residents of Collingwood Way who were delighted with the new dog bin. What was interesting is that a couple of the residents were under the impression that it was Comrade Chalk and her agent Cllr Assenheim who got the bin installed. I wonder how they could have formed this opinion?

It transpires that Comrade Chalk and Cllr Assenheim canvassed Collingwood Way previously and led them to believe it was them who got the bin installed.

Fortunately not all the residents were taken in. One resident, angered by Comrade Chalk’s shameless campaigning techniques commented:

“It would appear that it is not only Anne’s website that has had a makeover but so has the photo on her leaflet too. They have done such a fantastic job it would be interesting to know where she got it done as I and lot of women in Shoebury would like some of that”!

I couldn’t possibly comment…

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