Saturday, 7 May 2011

Conservative s maintain control of Southend

It has been a very busy last 48 hours with very little sleep as we awaited the results of the election in West Shoebury and the results of the AV referendum and would like to thank all the residents who took the trouble to vote. Conservatives retain control of the council with composition of the council Conservatives: 28 seats, Lib Dems: 10 seats, Independent Party: 9 seats and Labour: 4 seats The result in West Shoebury was as follows:

Derek Jarvis  1517
UKIP               692
Labour            496
Lib Dem         232

Total Votes: 2355
%Turnout: 40.08%

The full results for the Southend Borough Council elections can be found here.



Anonymous said...

hi tony, the website link to southend council say's turnout in West Shoebury was 31.59% just wondering if they have made a mistake

Cllr Tony Cox said...

Hi Anon yes there has been a mistake and Derek Jarvis has asked for it to be corrected.

On the borough website they have mixed up the turnout with Westborough Ward