Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Democracy...not if you are Comrade Chalk

As the finishing line is fast approaching in this years elections, it is known for some candidates to develop 'candidate itus' but it appears that Comrade Chalk may be wilting under the pressure.

Over at Comrade Chalk's propoganda site Shoebury News a rather bizzare rant has appeared from Comrade Chalk suggesting that I should not be setting up polls on my own personal blog. What business is it of hers I do not know.

Comrade Chalk also believes that I should leave people alone to make up their own minds in this referendum. Surely in a referendum everyone has the right to campaign for either the yes or no camp?

At present, readers of this blog who have taken the trouble to contribute are showing a prefeence for a YES victory. Comrade Chalk claims that:

"On his personal website Cllr Tony Cox is suggesting that a YES vote for the Alternative Voting (AV) system is the most popular choice of Shoebury residents.

and that

"Cllr Cox should not be setting up Polls like this one to try and promote his own personal preference".

This seems a bit odd considering that back in July 2010 on this blog I nailed my colours firmly to the NO campaign.

Comrade Chalk here is a piece of advice for you.

Although you may otherwise like, this is a democracy. I believe in the principles of freedom of speech and expression and subscribe to the view that you may not like what someone has to say but you defend their right to say it.

I have the right to have a poll on this blog as any reader has the right to contribute to the poll if they wish. Keep your extreme brand of Communism to yourself and do not lecture me or others on what I or others should and should not do on a personal site.

I find your lies and distortion of the truth and facts that you peddle on your website repulsive but respect your right to peddle them. My grandparents fought and died for freedom of speech and expression and I intend to exercise this liberty gifted to me.

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