Sunday, 8 May 2011

Election Aftermath

As usual election day was long and demanding starting with opening up Friars Community Centre as it was being used as a polling station and eventually finishing at 03:30 Friday morning when the last result was declared. It was back to Garons Park again later that afternoon for the AV Referendum count.

There were some mixed emotions having lost two seats and gaining two seats at the expense of Lib Dems maintaining our overall majority of five. It is not unusal for the party of Government to suffer at local elections and considering the austerity measures having to be implemented following the reckless spendng of the previous Government, no change locally and a net gain of three council and 81 councillors nationally is an excellent achievement.

Here in West Shoebury I am naturally delighted at Derek Jarvis's empathic victory demonstrating the support he enjoys and the his excellent election campaign.

All three West Shoebury councillors will be consolidating this position and working to resolve the issues that matter to West Shoebury residents the most.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, mr cox's
I've been reading an article in the echo. While I see that this is blatent lib dem tactics (attacking the tories as Mr Longley fears loosing his seat at the next election due to national politics). Can i ask why it was really necessary in a year where we need to make finicial savings. The article reports it cost over 8,600 pounds for painting 56 bins and installing four more. Surely money can be spent in better places? also is it not possible under the 'Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005'to intorduce littering fines.