Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shoebury Heritage Centre

This week saw the first cabinet meeting after the long summer recess. One item which I was delighted to see on the agenda was the proposal which will finally see a Heritage Centre created at the Drill Shed on the Shoebury Garrison site.

A Heritage Centre was always planned for the Grade II listed building as part of the agreement to award planning permission but a consortium of groups led by the Shoebury Society are set to form a management team to enable memorabilia and artifacts from the Garrison to be displayed to the public.

Despite these plans, back in February, Independent Party councillors for Shoeburyness Ward Anne Chalk and Mike Assenheim were openly campaigning for a Heritage Centre at the HInguar School site when the pupils move to the new school currently being buit on the Garrison development.

I always though that this campaign was odd, disingenuous at best, as Cllr Assenheim was on the Hinguar Schhol Project Board and never objected to the decision that the new school would be built and part funded by the sale of the current Hinguar School site.

Conspicuous by their absence over the summer, Anne and Mike made their 2011 political return with a traditional distortion of the truth, by trying to claim the credit for the Heritage Centre at the Drill Shed in the Southend Echo. You couldn't make it up.

Based on previous experience, it would appear that Mike's re-election campaign has started a little earlier than usual! 

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