Monday, 5 September 2011

The truth behind the English Democracts Southend Branch

Over the weekend, I managed to obtain a copy of the latest English Democrat leaflet delivered to certain parts of West Shoebury.

The English Democrats are a small party with only 5 councillors although they do have have an elected Mayor - Peter Davies - in Doncaster who shot to national prominence when elected in 2009 on a pledge of reducing reducing waste and political correctness but failed to mention to the residents of Donny that he admired the Taliban for their record on 'family values' in his election material.

Whilst reading further down the leaflet I was surprised that it was promoting a link to the website

For all the politicos out there 'Patriot' is the name given to BNP literature. During the run up to this years elections, I blogged that this particular blog was suggesting that there was no difference to the BNP, UKIP or the English Democrats.

Over at the Southend Patriot it reported in a post back in March that the BNP Southend branch organiser, Stuart Freeman, had been ousted from his role following failed coup by party members to oust Nick Griffin as the leader of the party claiming that he had taken a well earned rest from local politics. Stuart is known to local Conservatives as he also lives in West Shoebury ward.

If you thought leadership contests were bitter in the Conservatives, Labour or the Lib Dems they are mere playground spats compared to the BNP contest which has lead to court cases galore and members leaving in their droves.

In a post during August, the Southend Patriot announces that a Southend branch had been established, I was surprised to see Stuart Freeman at the top table with Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats Leader).

The English Democrats links with the BNP do not end their as it has also been announced that Eddy Butler, a challenger to Nick Griffin has also joined the English Democrats.

So far the English Democrats have avoided scrutiny in its links with the BNP. As disenfranchised former BNP members find their new home in the English Democrats scrutiny will be far more intense.

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