Sunday, 30 October 2011

East Beach Touring Site

Yesterday afternoon I spent the afternoon in neighbouring Shoeburyness ward talking to residents in Blackgate Road, Gunners Road and East Beach Park regarding Tingdene's proposal to put 32 extra mobile homes on the last remaining touring site in the borough next to East Beach Park.

there were very mixed views from the residents regarding the proposal but there seemed to be strong representations made to me from residents that there is a demand for a touring site.

The current site has been closed by Tingdene's for a number of years now but residents said that they still get tourers asking them where the touring site is.

What was clear was that the residents apprecriated the local Conservatives spending time at the doorstep talking about the issue and encouraging them to make representations to the council either for or against the proposal.

As one resident in Gunners Road summed it up:

"It was nice to see local councillors take the time to come and speak to us regarding the situation and not inform us in a few lines on a tatty leaflet that Independent Party councillor Anne Chalk sent us during the week". 

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