Saturday, 5 November 2011

BERA - The Truth Unravels

Last week I posted regarding the expansion of the Burges Residents Association (BERA) in West Shoebury and this week the story made the Southend Echo prompting further intrigue.

It is the long held belief by many that Cllr Woodley has used BERA as his own personal political tool. This view may be more widespread than first thought as an eagle eyed contributor to the Echo message boards posted a link to the current BERA accounts which shows membership subscriptions to BERA have decreased by over a third!

Could it be that Cllr Woodley wants to use the funds of West Shoebury residents to prop up his fledgling association? Possibly, as I have never seen him utter a word in the council chamber about West Shoebury.

It was also brought to my attention in this Echo article of a similar charade in St Lukes ward. Having heard very little of Cllr Van Looy's dulcet tones since his election in May his first action was to set up a residents association.

As reported in the Southend Standard, Cllr Van Looy demonstrates his version of democracy by installing Brian Ayling, who featured recently on ITV's Homes From Hell, as chairman before its first meeting!

For those of you who haven't yet guessed it,  Brian Ayling is the Independent Party candidate for St Lukes in next years local elections.      

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