Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Making the best out of a bad situation

It is not often I get the chance to blog about what happens in the west of the town but yesterday I was given a copy of the latest Lib Dem Focus newsletter in St Laurence ward.

The newsletter editor is Carole Roast, a former Lib Dem councillor in St Laurence, who lost her seat in this years local elections to the Conservative candidate Adam Jones.

Many local commentators have suggested that her defeat can be blamed on Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems poor poll ratings since forming the coalition Government, although many residents in St Laurence have indicated that the reason why Carole lost her seat was because she was ineffectual.

Some residents may be aware that the David Lloyd Centre in Southend is part of the St Laurence ward. Recently, the David Lloyd Centre submitted a planning application to install new air conditioning equipment on the northern part of the complex.

The Focus newsletter spoke of how gamely Carole fought for local residents in trying to get this application refused due to concerns about noise and blames Southend's Development & Control Committee for allowing the application.

So good so far, except she forgot to tell St Laurence residents that her St Laurence Lib Dem colleague Cllr Ted Lewin actually sits on the Development & Control Committee. Doh!

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