Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Shoebury in the news

Yesterday at cabinet Shoeburyness featured heavily with some exciting developments for Shoebury residents. Firstly, it was agreed that fishing would return to Friars Park after an absence of 20 years. I welcome this move and agree with the police submission that an organised presence will deter anti-social behaviour in the park.

Hinguar School was also on the agenda as it was agreed following a formal consultation that nursery provision will also be made at the new Hinguar School site in the Garrison Development.

Shoebury's history was also discussed where it was agreed that The Cage, Shoeburyness Station Ticket Office and and the Hinguar Street victorian front fascia of the current Hinguar School would be locally listed.

The Hinguar School building has been the subject of much discussion and debate but I believe the proposal agreed by cabinet was the best outcome.

A couple of years ago I was successful in getting the front fascia of the old cinema on Ness Road locally listed and as most of the original features were removed from the original building only the frontage of the building had any architectural value.

The same applies with the current Hinguar School building and am hopeful that a good development could still happen with the victorian front fascia incorporated. 

I do reject the assetion made by the Independent Party that the current building should be for community use as we currently have two community centre's in Shoebury and the Drill Shed in the Garrison will hold a heritage centre for Shoebury.   

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