Monday, 2 January 2012

Blue Badge Parking in Southend Car Parks

I came in for a bit of criticism from former Lib Dem councillor Jim Clinkscales in today's letters page in the Southend Echo commenting on proposals to charge holders of blue badges to park contains some inaccuracies following an Echo report on Friday.

The idea to charge holders of blue badges for parking who live outside the borough was proposed by Independent Party councillor Mike Assenheim at the Economic & Environmental Scrutiny Committee in November who asked me to look into introducing the charge. Being a former councillor Jim would be well aware that if a portfolio holder is asked to look into any issue and refused he and fellow opposition councillors would be the first to cry that I was being undemocratic regardless of how crazy an idea may seem on the face of it.

I told members at scrutiny and full council that I would look into the feasibly of this, as I have real concerns that any such proposal could be costly, unworkable, put further parking stress on side roads and put off blue badge holders living outside from visiting the town. I would also need to be persuaded that it would be the right thing to do because as yet I still remain unconvinced.

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