Monday, 27 February 2012

Hospital Parking Management Scheme

Over the past couple of days I have received a few emails from residents concerned with a quote that I made in the Echo on the 15/02/12 relating to parking displacement in the Somerset Estate from the Hospital Parking Management Scheme.

On the 8th March, the Traffic & Parking Working Party will meet to look and discuss recommendations from a review of the Hospital Parking Management Scheme of which I chair. There is a widespread view that there has been some parking displacement to the fringes of the scheme in which these roads had never previously had a problem with parking prior to the implementation of the scheme. A view which I share.

In the Echo article I was quoted as saying that 'I do not believe this to be a problem. We will look at issues with these schemes individually' which has been taken understandably by some that I do not believe the Somerset Estate has a problem.
Yes I did say this quote but it was in relation to a quote from Cllr Terry above my quote in the article in that Cllr Terry believes that funding may be an issue if any amendments are required to Parking Management Schemes across the town, especially for the residents who live on the edges of such schemes.

My quote was designed to give reassurance to residents that funding for any amendments to current Parking Management Schemes implemented across the town will not be an issue.    


Parking Management said...

Hi Tony,

Parking management - in areas such as hosptials or health organisations - is always a delicate issue. There has to be a balance struck between ensuring that rules are enforced (to maintain the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike) while being sensetive to the situation of those visiting the hospital. It can be a tricky.

Best wishes, Alex

Parking Management said...

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