Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hypocrisy on Resients Associations

Last month I highlighted the hypocrisy by Independent Party leader Cllr Martin Terry over the issue of residents associations following his criticism of Lib Dem councillor Ric Morgan in the letters pages in the Southend Echo for being involved in a residents association.

This hypocrisy of Cllr Terry on this issue knows no bounds as he is now actively involved in setting up a new residents association following the collapse of the Residents Association of Westborough - the political wing of the Independent Party in Westborough.

The Westborough Residents Association has been beset by internal feuding following the removal of 8 committee members. In a copy of a flyer that I was given yesterday, a meeting at the end of the month has been set up by the three Westborough ward councillors at the end of the month to set up a new residents association. It is good to see the do as I say and not as I do attitude of Cllr Terry is alive and well.

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