Friday, 24 February 2012

SKIPP/Occupy Southend

I would have liked to blog about this earlier but the blogger platform has had some issues this week with new posts but these now seem to have been resolved.
Last Sunday, after threatening for weeks, Occupy Southend decided to set up camp in the Churchyard at St Mary's Church, Prittlewell with no mandate or support from the public. From the recent coverage it is clear that this campaign is the work of SKIPP in all but name with their committee members present at the illegal squat.
For those that will question and challenge me the Vicar at St Mary's has spoken out in the strongest possible terms. I agree wholeheartedly with Rev Shaun Conlon the illegal occupation is disrespectful and inappropriate and it is time for SKIPP to leave and return the site in the state that they found it.
Since their illegal occupation we have heard very little from known SKIPP sympathiser/supporter Brian Ayling the Independent Party candidate for St Lukes ward in the local elections this May on this issue. I'm sure all St Lukes residents would expect their candidates to respect the rule of law. It time now Brian to condemn your friends little stunt, the residents of St Lukes are waiting...      

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Del Thomas said...

He cant do this as Patsy? told a friend of mine that SKIPP are working hard to support Brian and get him elected as he is ` a right thinker`