Friday, 9 March 2012

Hospital Parking Management Scheme Review

Last night, the Traffic & Parking Working Party met to review the Hospital Parking Management Scheme - a scheme of much recent discussion that other items had to be shelved from the agenda to allow for a full debate on this issue.

Last month, I received a higher than usual amount of emails from residents on the Somerset Estate, who have suffered from parking displacement from the Hospital PMS scheme, concerned with a quote I made to the Echo on this issue, forcing me to clarify my comments after a Prittlewell Lib Dem councillor shamefully put my quote on a Lib Dem election leaflet to suggest to residents in the ward that I didn't think that there was a problem.

The review was detailed with suggestions put forward which would help to alleviate some of the problems faced. Lib Dem Prittlewell councillor Ric Morgan, instrumental in the origins of the Hospital PMS, is also a member of the Traffic & Parking Working Party. When it came to agreeing the recommendations, he bizarrely said 'I can not support these measures', meaning that a vote had to be taken on the issue which he duly voted against. Fortunately, the sensible suggestions were voted through with the assistance from Conservative members of the Working Party.

This struck me as odd behaviour from Cllr Morgan, considering on the 2nd March he was pleading in the Echo for action to be taken! I'm sure the residents in Prittlewell will know how to thank him and the Lib Dems on the 3rd May!      

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