Friday, 27 April 2012

CCTV Vehicle

Following a post by Cllr Chalk on the CCTV Vehicle, it was interesting to find in my in box yesterday that Cllr Assenheim wanted the CCTV Vehicle to catch an offender in Rampart Terrace  but was was quickly overruled by Cllr Chalk who didn't want the vehicle anywhere near and claimed that the vehicle didn't conform to Government guidance. I thought I would share with you my reply:


 Many thanks for your email, it was certainly interesting to read your comments and thought it was this type of allegation that necessitated a reply. Apart from the absurdity of seeing both you and Cllr Assenheim being at complete opposite ends yet again it makes me wonder if you could agree on what day of the week it is! 

On this occasion Mike does make a valid observation and I'm sure officers will respond as soon as he has looked into all the details. Unlike yourself, I will base the argument and merit of the CCTV Vehicle based on fact and not what is reported in the Echo. 

For the record, the CCTV Vehicle is DfT compliant and meets all the statutory requirements as instructed by the Act of Parliament. 

The Government guidance which recommend that enforcement by the CCTV Vehicles are only used where enforcement is difficult, sensitive or enforcement by a traffic wardens are not practical are exactly what they are - guidance. 

However, looking at the areas which the CCTV Vehicles cover in the town, they do follow the guidance: 

1. Zig Zags outside schools - Sensitive? Yes, as a car obstructing the front entrance of a school could be a contributory factor leading to an accident. Difficult? You try and get all the problematic schools covered by wardens. It is also impractical. 

2. Junction Protection - Sensitive? Yes as they are there for a very good reason as cars parked on them can obscure a drivers view. Difficult? Again, try and get a warden to stand on every corner where there is a double yellow which is also not very practacle. 

3. One hour parking restrictions in residential areas - Sensitive? Yes, as why is it that Traffic & Parking get inundated with requests for parking management schemes to prevent commuter parking and also is an area which you have complained bitterly about in the Shoebury High Street area so these areas deserve to have these areas patrolled. Difficult? Try and get all the traffic wardens to monitor all these roads within the one hour restriction across the town. 

I could go on and on. I trust, more in hope I must say, that will alley the need for such rash and ill thought out statements on this issue. 

Kind Regards 



naveeninfo said...

thats are great information about cctv vehicle

lee mann said...

Are you sure they're not there just to bring in cash for the Council?
The traders of the town are most effected by Spy Cars as customers fear parking (badly perhaps..) to make a quick purchase. I'm sure you'll agree most traders are Tory..
You may find that some of the poor turnout is a reflection of voters being disenfranchised with the likes of the Spy Car..
I for one am Conservative by nature and didn't vote..
Will be moderated? I expect so..