Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Do the Independent Party Really Care about Shoebury High Street? Part 2

Over the past few months both myself and my fellow West Shoebury councillors have received a lot positive feedback on our shop local campaign after a newsletter was sent to over 4,000 homes detailing how many items can be brought in local shopping areas cheaper than in supermarkets and receive a more personal service.

I was delighted to read that the traders in West Road have decided to set up the West Road Traders & Community Association and is something that I encouraged on this blog following the success of the neighbouring Ness Road traders coming together to encourage local shopping.

It seems that this action has spurred Cllr Chalk to once again criticise the CCTV vehicle in preventing vehicles parking on bends and double yellow line.

I have always found it quite amusing when the like of Cllr Chalk dub it the 'spy car' as you can hardly miss the thing! In actual fact it is more more visible than a traffic warden. I also have to laugh when Cllr Chalk takes a dislike to the 'spy car' yet is quite happy for all and sundry to read her emails and listen to her telephone conversations. Although what emanates from Cllr Chalk at times I'm sure that even a spook would get bored very quickly.

Whilst trying to show residents that she cares about local businesses in Shoebury High Street the truth couldn't be more different. Back in 2010, a measure that would create free parking bays along Shoebury High Street to prevent commuters from taking up space which would have allowed shoppers to pop into their local shop for a newspaper and a packet of cigarettes was proposed.

Unfortunately, this measure met resistance from, yes you guessed it from Anne Chalk, who was actively encouraging people to object to the proposals.

Despite this, further efforts were made by local Conservatives to assist businesses in the High Street following complains that the situation was getting worse. But again, who was putting obstacles in the way...Anne Chalk. It really does beggar belief that Cllr Chalk believes that she can say one thing and do another and get away with it. Still, as we have seen in recent weeks the Independent Party in Southend are showing their true colours and residents are beginning to see them for what they are.

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