Thursday, 12 April 2012

Does Cllr Terry Support Squatting in Graveyards?

It was one of those unkept secrets that ITV's Homes from Hell star And Independent Party candidate for St Lukes, Brian Ayling, was a supporter of SKIPP but has taken this to new lows by now openly supporting Occupy Southend and has recently written a lengthly article on their website. 

Recently Occupy Southend came in for some heavy criticism by trying to claim squatters rights in a graveyard are still camping at the old Toomey's site. 

As the rudderless leader with no authority over his party, I am pretty sure Cllr Terry will not denounce Brian's latest stunt. One can only assume that failure to denounce means that Cllr Terry supports Occupy Southend and squatting in graveyards.

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Brian Ayling said...


I never realised I was a star but if you say so, I have to accept it.Your concerns and numerous statements about the Independents simply show that you are a worried man and you should be! It will not take long to find someone who can do your job properly. (After May 3rd.)

Did you know, your Council was judged to be "unreasonable" by the Secretary of State? I guess this includes you?