Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Plot Thickens

Following my expose on Wednesday, it was reported in yesterday's Echo of a possible electoral pact with the Independent Party and the Lib Dem's after Thorpe Independent Party councillor Ron Woodley's support for Lib Dem leader Cllr Graham Longley in this years local elections.

After returning home from a long day out on the campaign trail, in my in box was a leaflet sent to me anonymously by a West Shoebury resident which claims that the UKIP candidate in West Shoebury has the personal backing of Independent Party leader Cllr Martin Terry and 'Independent leadership member' Cllr Ron Woodley.

As this is the third candidate/party that Cllr Woodley has endorsed in these elections I wonder who he will endorse tomorrow? So much for taking party politics out of local government!


Robert Brown said...

Gray Sergeant is not away at university all year. He lives in West Shoebury all year and commutes to university, the same as some councillors commute to work.

Gray Sergeant said...

What has been written about me is untrue. I live at home and commute to London 3 days a week for only 20 weeks of the year. If this was not the case I would not have run a proper campaign in West Shoebury.
This untruth suggests that I would not be able to carry out the role of a councillor as I live away from Southend. I'm sure James Moyies knows that I have worked throughout the year in West Shoebury, evidenced in the 3 leaflets delivered since June.
I hope the residents of West Shoebury will remember this as James Moyies untrue statement could alter Labours and the whole election result in West Shoebury.

Cllr Tony Cox said...


Please do not think you have to defend yourself to me - the residents of West Shoebury will provide judgement in the ballot box. Still at this rate, you may get an endorsement from Ron Woodley and Martin Terry to assist your campaign!

Although looking at comments on the Echo website following Ron's support for Graham Longley, it would appear people are beginning to see through Ron Woodley

Gray Sergeant said...

Of course the residents of West Shoebury will ultimately decide. But I thought it was worth highlighting for readers of your blog.

I have not seen the comments on the echo but its true that their claim to 'keep party politics out of local government' can no longer be sustained, is this what the voters of Thorpe really wanted in an Independent.

It also highlights the Indies desperation to create a situation of no overall control in order to get into power. Of course Labour wants to achieve this but through more elected Labour councillors who have Labour values.

Ironically, Woodley has supported candidates from a liberal pro-Europe party and an authoritarian Europhobic party.

Claire Bibby said...

Cllr Ron Woodley demonstrates great commitment to his ward. I wish I could say the same about other local councillors in Southend Council!!!!

Richard said...

Claire, what has Ron Woodley done that demonstrates such great commitment to Thorpe? I'm genuinely interested in what you feel his successes to be?

It is also interesting that you don't mention the independent candidate who is actually up for election in Thorpe. What has he done that so wins you his vote?

I only mention it because I think Mr Woodley is a bit a self promoting dishonest creep. He also pushes some really outrageous lines at times which I would hope intelligent people would see through.

Robert Brown said...

Respect to James Moyies. He apologised and reprinted some of the letters. I still disagree with him on almost everything however.

Cllr Tony Cox said...


I have read the 'apology' on Julian's blog and all I can say is that you all must be easily pleased as all James said was that he would re-print his leaflets

Robert Brown said...

It is a great deal better than I was expecting Tony.