Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Picture Palace Cinema - Update

I posted yesterday that there were a number of mis-truths peddled by some of the candidates in West Shoebury which resonated with some residents and promised to unpick these over the coming days and weeks.

Back in March, I posted that despite getting the front facade of the Picture Palace Cinema locally listed, when work started on the development,  a small tree and plant life were found to be growing in the brickwork making the front facade structurally unsafe resulting in the structure having to be demolished. 

Sadly, this didn't stop one of the candidates from telling residents in his election literature that the front facade was allowed to be demolished by local Conservatives and failing to fulfil our promise. To put the record straight, I am able to publish some photos taken when construction began which shows the true state of the locally listed front facade.

Whilst I was naturally disappointed that the front facade could not be retained, I also have a responsibility to local residents and unlike some, I am not prepared to play 'Russian Roulette' with peoples lives.

As planning permission was originally granted with the requirement to keep the front facade, planning permission has to be sought for a new frontage to the development. The developer has pledged to rebuild the front facade to its original design. I want to be absolutely unequivocally clear. If the developer renegades on this promise I will not support it. 

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