Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dishonest Mick?

With the weather disrupting my campaigning today, it has at least given me a chance to catch up on my backlog of Southend Echo's.

I couldn't help but notice in Thursday's edition the full page advert from Independent Police & Crime Commissioner candidate Mick Thwaites ahead of the elections on the 15th November.

Any promotional material published during the official election period, under electoral law, needs to have a legal imprint which shows who the material is published and printed by.

I was surprised, unless my eyes are deceiving me, that the full page ad appears to have no legal imprint at all on it. I do find it somewhat ironic that a former copper, bidding to run Essex Police could potentially be in breach of electoral law.

It is the campaign slogan 'Honest Mick Thwaites 100% Policing 0% Politics' which I believe compromises him more than the suspect, or lack of, imprint.

When you describe yourself as honest, implying that your opponents are telling porkies, you really do need to ensure that there are no gaping holes in your message and surely practise what you preach. In a post earlier this week on his blog, Cllr Ware-Lane even suggests that the slogan makes him sound like a spiv.

It is the 0% Politics which I frankly find laughable. By actually standing for any election you are a politician. Just because you are non aligned to a political party does not exonerate you from being a politician.

If there was any doubt about the politics of Mick Thwaites then we only need to refer to a tweet from Mick back in June who confirms his 'politician' status to the Labour PCC candidate.

At a recent hustings it is understood that Mick got a little hot under the collar when asked if he was the Lib Dem candidate at these election in all but name. An article in the Echo just last week was also intriguing, in that it was revealed that Mick signed the nomination papers of the Graham Longley, the leader of the Lib Dems in Southend and the 2010 Lib Dem parliamentary candidate in Rochford and Southend East.

With all the evidence mounting, so much for being 0% politics!

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Neil Monnery said...

Tony just to put a lid on whether he is the Lib Dem candidate. He is not. Remember this is an Essex wide election and not Southend based. The Southend Lib Dems have advised their members to vote for either of the independents (no shock really) and whilst I suspect most will vote Mick in Southend that certainly isn't the case county wide.

I suspect most of the LD vote (who actually bother voting in the PCC) will vote for one of the two indy's across the county but Mick certainly isn't the Lib Dem candidate in all but name. I suspect Linda Belgrove will actually get a greater share of the LD vote across Essex due to the fact she is better known across the county and Mick is very much Southend centric.