Friday, 30 November 2012

That Leveson Report

Whilst the national press took an expected pasting yesterday when Lord Leverson published his recommendations, I am pleased that David Cameron in a heartbeat got the dangers of being the First Prime Minister since 1695 to propose state regulation of the press.
Cameron’s instinctive reluctance to legislate, for me, is well founded at this juncture. Putting statute in place that allows effective government control of the media is abhorant...and David Cameron recognises that. 
I totally agree that phone hacking is wrong, repugnant even, but there are existing laws in place to prevent this and those accused, if found guilty, should feel the full force of the law. I also accept the need for a replacement of the Press Complaints Commission but it does not need to be underpinned by state regulation.
Without a free press we would never have had the exposing of MP's expenses, the thalidomide scandal and even, ironically, phone hacking. Whether you are on the right or left in British politics we have had moderate governments in living memory but statutory involvement will never be repealed giving license for further draconian legislation to be bolted on in the future by those who wish to curtail freedom of speech and expression.

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