Sunday, 23 December 2012


This last month has been the usual hectic. Meetings in the Civic Centre on most Tuesday afternoons this month primarily focused around work on the forthcoming budget for the next year, were intense and detailed.  As you might imagine setting the budget for the town is a big job and one that comes with significant challenges – not least because of rising demand and costs versus falling revenue.

Earlier this month, I attended the first meeting of the Shoebury Youth Centre Steering Group which has been set following criticisms by the public, me and other members alike to address the under usage and lack of activities that young people want to participate in. I am pleased to say that usage has increased in the second half of the year but there is still more to be done in 2013 but I am encouraged by the work that officers and the portfolio holder have undertaken so far. I was delighted to attend the West Road Community & Traders Association Christmas event in West Road and hopefully this group will go from strength to strength in the New Year. 

In December I have attended meetings of Full Council, Cabinet, chaired the Public Transport & Buses Working Party and attended an on-site visit at City Beach regarding the work which is about to be undertaken in February on putting in the informal crossing points.

In addition I also attended a meeting on the proposed flood defences at Shoebury Common with representatives from the Beach Hut Association and Uncle Toms Cabin. It was pleasing that at this meeting for the first time there was a recognition by all parties that there is a real threat of flooding at Shoebury Common which needs to be addressed.

There has also been the ward work including the battle to get three untaxed lorries removed from Bishopsteignton which thankfully has now been resolved.

It has been a long month, but with the presents wrapped and all the Christmas shopping now brought there are only a couple of days to Christmas.

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