Saturday, 2 February 2013

Debate Shoebury VI

Yesterday, I was privileged to attend the annual Debate Shoebury at Shoeburyness High School which invites pupils from Shoeburyness High School and local primary schools to debate issues of concern to them with local councillors, council officers, local police and representatives from c2c.

It never ceases to amaze me that the issues that the issues raised are broadly similar to issues that are raised with me by their parents. It is understandable to presume that the issues would be centred around youth services but they are not.

It was amusing at last years event when the Shoeburyness High School pupils were discussing which areas they would like to see the council make savings and ironically chose Education a service that was protected.

The reoccurring theme was concerns raised about dog fouling particularly in parks. A suggestion was put forward by one of the young people that a letter should be given to all parents warning them of our dog control orders and that allowing dogs to foul in parks and pavements is an offence.

So good was the suggestion that following discussions with officers after the event they are preparing a template letter which could be issued to all schools in the borough for inclusion in school newsletters and will be debated at next Waste Working Party. Young or old, if suggestions are raised and put forward that could improve the town I will always act.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your attendance at the debate Cllr Cox. We look forward to your letter regarding dog poo so we can put it in our newsletter. It goes out to over 1,500 parents so hopefully we can 'scoop up and bag' the problem!
Thanks again, Federation of Greenways Pupil Council.