Saturday, 16 February 2013

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Following my post and Cllr Holdcroft's last weekend on cruising it would appear that that Labour Milton councillor Julian Ware-Lane has got a little hot under the collar this week after being exposed for wanting the unauthorised cruise to go ahead on Marine Parade.

After Cllr Holdcroft and I were accused of being unprincipled and dishonest it was nothing short of remarkable in the discussion that followed that when pressed to clarify, in the unlikely event that I was wrong, Cllr Ware-Lane refused to answer the question if he wanted the unauthorised cruise event, which had threatened public safety to his residents, to go ahead and repeatedly refused to give a straight answer. The silence, for me, spoke volumes.

In a further post, Cllr Ware-Lane accused us both of misinterpreting his views. So when someone takes the moral high ground you expect then to practise what they preach. Right? Well it appears that this rule should apply to everyone except the holier than thou Cllr Ware-Lane.

Suspecting that Cllr Ware-Lane is out for revenge, in a post that Cllr Holdcroft made on the extension of the Prittlebrook Green Way through Belfairs he made the unbelievable link between a cycle path and Cllr Aylen having a mental condition, falling into the very trap he accuses Cllr Holdcroft of.

Having read Cllr Holdcroft's post, any reasonable person would know that he was making the link between Cllr Aylen's imaginary route taking out hundreds of trees and the actual route which takes out none. In trying to make a play on words Cllr Ware-Lane trivialises the serious issue of mental illness.

This is all the more shocking considering the well publicised and public mental health issues of one of his own group members which got them into a spot of bother with the police. Throughout this period all 51 councillors showed remarkable dignity and I was delighted to see that particular member make a recovery and a return to public life.

To accuse Cllr Holdcroft of insinuating to another members mental health in a baseless accusation is just conducting politics from the gutter.  

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