Saturday, 18 May 2013

BBC Essex

Just recently, I have appeared quite frequently on BBC Essex. so much so, that I am thinking of asking for a reimbersment on my licence fee. This week saw two appearances both on stories which were good news items.

On Tuesday, I was asked to give Southend's perspective on pot holes in the county.  Southend Council is responsible for 450km of roads and 900km of footways across the town and in the past year we fixed more than 20,000 potholes. Some residents may not be aware that we have a £3 Million annual highways budget with over £1 Million spent repairing pot holes.

On Thursday I was invited back, this time, to talk about our 84% decrease in the amount of fly tipping in the borough. Of all the things that have been achieved in my portfolio this is one that I am most proud of.

We take a zero tolerance to fly tipping with a 100% success rate in prosecutions and then happily name and shame them publicly. When reported, we remove dumped items promptly which has culminated in winning Clean Britain Awards for the town.

I have always had a simple political philosophy in that all people want is to live in a clean, safe and pleasant environment and be left to get on with their lives.

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