Sunday, 5 May 2013

Election Tales

Whilst pushing for last minute votes in Thursday's Essex County Council Elections we decided to remind commuters returning from London at Rochford Station that today was polling day.

Whilst handing out leaflets I bumped into my old UKIP foe from West Shoebury James Moyies who was at Rochford Station handing out copies of the UKIP 2013 local election manifesto.

One thing that immediately caught my eye was the back page which featured Winston McKenzie telling residents why he was voting UKIP. It was not what was included in the quote which intrigued me but rather what was left out.

Some may recall that Winston McKenzie was the UKIP candidate in the Croydon North parliamentary by election back in November last year. Winston made the headlines during the by election for all the wrong reasons by calling gay adoption 'child abuse'.

I was curious to see what James' views were to Winston McKenzie's comments at the time. A quick glance through his twitter feed revealed the following conversation:

Whilst seemingly quick to condemn Winston's comments at the time, James seemed happy enough to be handing out leaflets with Winston McKenzie being one of the 'faces of UKIP' on Thursday.

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