Saturday, 25 May 2013

Is It Wrong To Ask Residents For Their Views?

I have been criticised for many things as a councillor but never for asking residents for the views. Yet this is bizarrely what happened on Thursday when the local residents association and Friends of Shoebury Common member, Peter Lovett criticised my colleagues Cllr Jarvis, Cllr Hadley and I for asking for residents views on the proposed Shoebury Common sea defences in a questionnaire.

Whilst the Echo online article covers the main bulk of the article, what it does not include is the article in the main newspaper edition that a website has been created by a group of residents who live in the Shoebury Common flood plain attacking the Friends of Shoebury Common claiming that their founders are 'two of the most dangerous men in Southend.

Whilst the questionnaire is designed for residents which live in or very close by to the flood plain at Shoebury Common anyone who lives outside the flood plain are welcome to print off a copy below and give me your thoughts or complete the online survey here.

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Niall Coyne said...

Mr Cox, I had a look at the survey and the most observable bit of information was with regards the the FAQ number 2. Acccusations have been made in the past about scaremongering and the point raised about future flood chances being a yearly occurence is striking. Might I suggest a footnote is added to such statements with the information source quoted to avoid future accusations.


Niall Coyne