Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shoebury Delivery Office Set To Close

On Monday I cut short a weekend break to celebrate Miss Cox fourth birthday as there was a briefing to all members on the future of the Royal Mail delivery offices in Shoebury and Leigh.

During the briefing my worst fears were confirmed as Royal Mail announced that the Shoeburyness Delivery Office in George Street would be closing on the 3rd June forcing all residents to collect their parcels and signed for mail from the Delivery Office in Short Street and would be issuing a press release the following day.

As part of the meeting, Royal Mail confirmed that they will be offering a re-delivery service which residents can request by telephone or online.

I asked if any other locations in Shoebury had been looked into for a collection service to remain within Shoebury. The representatives from Royal Mail confirmed that they had looked into using the Post Office which shares the same complex in George Street for such a scheme but was ruled out as unsuitable as it did not have a secured area.

I also asked if other possible locations had been explored but Royal Mail confirmed that no other possible locations had been looked into. This is bitterly disappointing as Royal Mail had given assurances to James Duddridge MP that all suitable locations would be considered.

I also asked why Royal Mail were proceeding with what can only be described as a crackpot idea at Short Street considering that Royal Mail objected to Tesco's developing the nearby old B&Q site on increased traffic in the area and parking stress grounds.

What was even more startling was the admission that Royal Mail have only increased the existing single customer parking bay at Short Street to four and have made no improvements to the existing customer service desk.

The focus of attention will undoubtedly now be on the existing Post Office in George Street which shares the same complex with the Delivery Office. The George Street complex is on a leasehold to the Post Office and Royal Mail and should the Post Office close, Shoebury would be left without a Post Office.

Here is the full press release by Royal Mail on the closures.

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