Monday, 6 May 2013

West Shoebury Road Improvements Update

Over the past couple of months I have raised a number of concerns and asked for some intervention on the condition of some of the roads in West Shoebury. Towards the back end of last week I received some information on the progress which I thought I would share:


As was agreed by residents at the public meeting I held on this issue, I have been assured that the painting of the white lines in the middle of the road are imminent. The junction protection of the Abbotts Walk-Bishopsteignton and Weare Gifford-Bishopsteignton junctions will be going out to statutory advertisement in June.

Linton Road

At the junction of Linton Road-Maplin Way I had received concerns of residents living in the road that motorists were cutting the wide bend at the junction with fears that there could be a head on collision. After a site meeting with officers they agreed that this was of concern and agreed to put a traffic island at this location to vehicles will not be able to cut corners. The marking for the the island have been done and the traffic island will be erected shortly.

Caulfield Road

At the top end of the Caulfield Road near Maplin Way, there is what officers know as a category one defect where the old concrete road has started to move and caused some road subsidence. Officers have confirmed that the materials need for the repair have been ordered and the repair is scheduled for July.

Pentland Avenue

Following requests for junction protection at the junction with Caulfield Road, I can confirm that this scheduled for statutory advertisement in June.

Church Road

At the junction with Maplin Way, the road surface had started to crumble. A repair to this section has been undertaken with the re-lining of the junction to be undertaken shortly. Temporary lining is currently there as a short term measure.

Maplin Way North

Following some issues with the road surface, I am delighted that two repairs have been undertaken on this road in the past couple of months.

I will keep all residents posted on the progress of the outstanding items.

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