Sunday, 23 June 2013

Community Speed Watch

This morning, I joined a number of councillors and Shoeburyness residents received training so we can participate in the Community Speed Watch scheme.

Community Speed Watch is a traffic monitoring scheme that is co-ordinated by the police but managed and run by volunteers in the community.

The beauty of Community Speed Watch over mobile Police speed traps is that if a vehicle is caught speeding the driver receives a warning letter through the post warning them rather than getting three points on their licence and a fixed penalty fine.

After my initial training, my first session was in Maplin Way North - a road which is constantly mentioned to me by residents as an area which is notorious for speeding motorists. It quickly became apparent that the road is very busy even on a Sunday.

There were a handful of motorists which were clocked doing speeds in excess of 36mph. We will continue to do further sessions in Maplin Way and other hotspots identified at the Shoeburyness Police Neighbourhood Action Panel.

If we regularly catch motorists speeding, all this information will be fed back to the Police who will then hopefully, take more firmer action.

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