Saturday, 22 June 2013

Let Britain Decide

On the 5th July, Stockton South Conservative MP James Wharton will introduce his Private Members Bill, the EU Referendum Bill, to Parliament. This EU Referendum Bill could give us the first vote on the EU in over 40 years, after a renegotiation for a new deal in the EU. It is historic.

Sadly, Labour and the Liberal Democrats don’t want to give people a say. Europe has changed. It’s been 40 years since the British people last had their say. We deserve a full renegotiation, and then a vote, so Britain can decide.

This isn't just a Conservative campaign - it's for everyone who believes we need a say. We need to build a lot of public pressure quickly as the parties that oppose this vote will only change their minds if enough people demand the right to have their say.

We need to see what kind of EU results from the ongoing Eurozone crisis and then have a full renegotiation and a vote, so Britain can decide. That’s why I have joined the fight and backed the plan to:

a) Bring powers back from Europe.
b) Give the British people a vote, by 2017.

Fundamentally, this is about democracy and trusting people. No if's, no buts. Just a proper renegotiation, then a vote on whether Britain should be IN or OUT of the EU. Whether you love the EU or, like me, hate it, we need a referendum to settle this question. We also need a renegotiation, so we know exactly what kind of Europe we are voting on.

If we win, it would be historic. We are closer to a referendum than we’ve been in the last 40 years. That’s why this is urgent and only have a small window of opportunity to persuade the other parties to back him. You can join the fight by co-sponsoring the bill here. For further information, visit the Let Britain Decide website.

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