Saturday, 29 June 2013

Police Warning

Late yesterday evening I received the following Police warning in my inbox for residents in Shoebury which I thought I would share:

"The Policing Wards of Southchurch, Thorpe Bay and Shoebury are being targeted by youths on bmx type cycles out overnight who are breaking in to motor vehicles and vans by means unknown and committing thefts from motor vehiclesMost of the items stolen are easily sold on, e.g. electrical equipment such as Sat Navs, Ipads, phones etc., and even items like loose change, CD’s, sunglasses, spectacles and clothing are being taken.

Drivers are advised to “Lock it or Lose it”, and to empty vehicles entirely of any items on display that would encourage these youths from breaking into cars.  Leaving an empty glove compartment has also been encouraged as these youths have been breaking in and making a messy search of glove compartment to vehicles that have nothing on display.

If you are out and about during the early hours and see any youths in our areas on cycles, please call the incident room on 101 and advise the control room of their location and direction of travel and include description of youths and clothing if possible. If you happen to see anyone actually breaking into a car, please call 999 immediately".

The full message can be found here.

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