Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Shoeburyness Hypocrite Strikes Again

Whilst I was away on a family holiday it was good to see that my favourite little hypocrite Cllr Anne Chalk was busy writing to the local press criticising local Conservatives for asking residents in the flood plain what their views were on the proposed Shoebury Common flood defences.

Anne suggests that a survey of this nature should have been independently conducted with all interested parties involved. This is interesting considering that Anne has recently conducted her own survey on the Sainsbury's application for a local store in the Garrison, which surprise, surprise was not conducted by an independent organisation.

Before Anne predictably says that she can conduct these surveys as she is an Independent, lets remin ourselves that she is about as independent as Tibet and regularly attends local Labour Party campaign fundraising events whilst elected as an 'Independent' councillor.

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